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Our Business Partnership program

At Lela Homelife we are creating an enjoyable workspace and providing exciting career opportunities for business owners, agents, and subcontractors. Here, you will have the chance to expand your business, form new partnerships and earn extra income on the side. Join us and let's make a positive impact together. 

How does it work ?

  • Find a homeowner in Massachusetts or Rhode island who does not have solar panels;

  • Tell them the benefits of going solar;

  • Input their information into our portal

  • we'll call them and schedule a FREE Consultation 

  • Guide Homeowners through the final steps of the project; 

Your Partnership Benefits:

  • Free Solar consultation to your clients ;

  • Earn 30 % of commission for only referring us to a qualified Homeowner;

  • Contributing towards more sustainable future;

  • tap into our extensive industry expertise and knowledge, helping you to provide the best service and support to your clients;

  • Grow your business;

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